What We Offer


Bob building provides end to end subdivision services for the whole process including subdivision planning approval, subdivision works approval, subdivision completion approval and registration of title.

Residential & Commercial Building Construction
Bob building provides a throughout project management service for all our clients - guiding you through the entire process from initial consultation, planning, design and construction.
Retaining wall
Bob building has constructed a range of high quality retaining walls to satisfy all requirements for residential or business purpose. From decorative garden features to large-scale retaining walls, we are here for you.
Road Work Construction

Bob Building can conduct work like asphalt, concrete, brick road construction and paving from design to construction with our experienced civil engineers, site manager and labours. No matter what loading or foundation is required, we can always provide the best solution.

Stormwater & Sewer System
Bob Building provides edge to edge solutions for stormwater and waste water management and pipeline construction.
Bob Building undertake a wide variety of domestic or commercial excavation. No matter it is bulk excavation or detail excavation, we deliver quick and efficient performance for the best result. For recyclable materials, we transfer them to appropriate location for recycling. When you engage us to look after your excavation jobs, you are fulfilling environmental responsibilities with us.
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